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The revolution will not be televised...
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  Helena Kirkorian
Club Paradise Lost

A hurricane of energy and sometimes she’s even the calm in the eye of the storm.
Ramblings from a Second Life

Gun-toting explorer, artist, photographer, designer, architect and kindred spirit.
Kean Kelly
Stella Errans

Banished from Eden, apparently, prolly for chewing gum spitting... or shooting angels or something. Oh, she’s uber talented too.
AKA Kegle Papp - a village idiot for the Global Village. We love him really. A film  maker in RL and a film star in both lives. Nephie Eerie MikeProud
Life Times Two

Makes machinima and mischief in Second Life and documentaries for TV in real life.
Deviant Media was founded in June 2006 in Devils Landing by Rob Danton, Helena Kirkorian and Malachite Seattle.
The revolution will flickrd, blogged, twittered, mashed up, and stuck up your RSS... The revolution is now live.
Latest news: Catch the exhibition of in-world photography presented by Rezzable at the beautifully derelict industrial Cannery Rezzable sim... 

Opening August 29th, 3pm SL/pacific time... more info here: SL Art @ The Cannery.

It’s been beautifully curated by Shoshana Epsilon and Vint Falken.

See the work of some of the best photographers of Second Life: 

Andromega Volare, Arminius Heron, Arteer Oliva, Bella March, Claudia Mantis, Collin Savon, Corbett Howard, Hiro Edelman, Iris Ophelia, Kaylin Idora, Kean Kelly, Kimberly Mirabeau, Loki Popinjay, Melodious Source, Mia Olivier, Nephie Eerie, Melissa Yeuxdoux, October Hush, Raul Crimson, Rob Danton, Ryker Beck, Shoshana Epsilon, Stephen Venkman, Timothy Lilliehook, Tyffany Flintoff, Vint Falken, and Yann Mip